X-Pander - Background

Scientifically documented sub-optimal clinical outcomes of cementless press-fit cup-fixations have led a team of experienced orthopedic surgeons to participate in the development of X-pander.



Description & Benefits

X-pander is a surgical precision tool for per-operative dynamic measurement of the acetabular properties, thereby providing the surgeon with tactile information about the acetabular cavity by acheiving:


Implementing this measurement technique as a routine will provide the surgeon to achieve safe and efficacious cup fixation by optimizing rim fit, proper sizing and cup orientation. Based on clinical literature this is expected to result in better clinical outcomes and fewer early and late revisions.


X-pander Components

X-pander consists of a reusable steel Handle and a disposable polymer Measuring Head, resembling a porous coated cup, that attaches to the handle with an easy “click-on” function.


By manually turning the Handle part, the Measuring Head can expand its diameter up to 3mm and is available in 10 individual sizes with 2mm increments, covering the span from 48mm – 68mm in diameter.


X-Pander Components