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X-pander increases intra-operative precision in 33% of cases, documented here, while also reducing instrumentation in the OR.



Product Description

X-pander is a novel intra-operative acetabular preparation guide and sizing system, guiding surgeons to obtain the best possible cup/acetabulum fit in total hip replacements with cementless cup. The accurate measurement, performed in only seconds, supplements the surgeon’s best educated guess by revealing the reamed acetabular geometry and patient specific bone quality, which are essential factors for obtaining optimal primary cup stability. X-pander can be used with any major label cup system and is highly regarded for its impact on surgical precision, especially for:


  1. Revision surgery and complex primary cases: In these procedures
    X-pander is a reliable decision aid for even experienced surgeons to quickly obtain the best possible acetabular fit – adjusted for bonestock and dynamic biomechanical properties
  2. Junior surgeons/residents: Less experienced surgeons generally find that X-pander accelerates their learning curve of mastering the cup insertion by eliminating concerns of primary cup stability.


X-pander Components

X-pander consists of a reusable steel Handle and a disposable polymer Measuring Head, resembling a porous coated cup, that attaches to the handle with an easy “click-on” function.


By manually turning the Handle part, the Measuring Head can expand its diameter up to 3mm and is available in 11 individual sizes with 2mm increments, covering the span from 46mm – 69mm in diameter.


X-Pander Components